Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ishara - Framework for Action

Empowerment for Equality 


A Framework for Action across Scotland

Deaf Connections Ishara project is seeking to increase understanding of deaf ME peoples needs and improve services available to them, their families, carers and communities.

How we plan to deliver change

We are doing this by launching a Framework For Action which raises awareness of needs and considers these as broader equalities and human rights issues. The framework links this to Equalities and Human Rights law, empowerment policy in Scotland and the current thinking on how to achieve better effectiveness in Scotland's public services. Click the link below to open up the PDF document.
  1. Why we need Dialogue, Development and Improvement
  2. Defining and understanding Need
  3. The Reality of life for Deaf ME people
  4. A minority within a Minority
  5. Number of people affected
  6. Diversity in Scotland
  7. What does this mean for the size of the deaf ME community
  8. The big picture
  9. Involving people
  10. The Challenge for Services
  11. Why Act Now
  12. Together we are Stronger
  13. Compliance with Human Rights duties
  14. Multiple Discrimination - A flaw in the law?
  15. The key issues which need to be addressed
  16. Making Change a reality
  17. What we need you to do to help deliver change
  18. Contact us

Development through dialogue

We hope that through the circulation and discussion of our document, public, private and voluntary services, communities and individuals will take practical action. This will help deaf people from ME communities to live a life where there needs are met, they can achieve their potential and make a positive contribution to society.

The Framework is part of our national conversation both online here at our website - and at community engagement events which took place throughout Scotland from April to November 2013 in Dumfries, Glagsow, Edinburgh,Glasgow and Inverness. Please contact Ishara@deafconnections.co.uk for more information.

You can get involved by asking questions or respond to the general content of the document by contacting - Ishara@deafconnections.co.uk

Take some action now!

We have identified a number of themes below which we think help us to think about how we can improve the lives of deaf ME people. What we need services and communities to do is to read these and tell us what practical action you think your organisation could take to address the issues affecting deaf ME people. Please click on themes below for more detail and each theme has a link to survey monkey:

 BSL Filmed Translations of Themes
We want you to tell us;
  • What you are doing now?
  • What you could do in the future?
  • Anything which is stopping you doing what is necessary to help deaf ME people
We will use this information to help us to;
  • Target our support to organisations who want to make a difference.
  • Help us to share good practice across Scotland which helps deaf ME communities
  • Identify an agenda for future action to address blockages stopping our partners take action to achieve progress.
Please send your responses to ishara@deafconnections.co.uk

We would like to thank Deaf Connections Multimedia Team, Plain English Campaign and Scottish Association for Sign Language Interpreters (SASLI) for their support in making this an accessible resource.

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