Tuesday, 2 April 2013

About Ishara

The Ishara Project was founded by the Asian Deaf Club and Deaf Connections in 2001. The word 'Ishara' is a word from the Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi languages. It means to make signs or gesture with hands. We choice this name for our project as it helps to promote the ethic identity. The Ishara provides support to Deaf ME people in the West of Scotland in the following ways:
  1. Information and advice on accessing employment, health services, housing, benefits, etc.
  2. Communication guidance for ME families and community agencies. For example, deaf awareness training and BSL Taster classes in a culturally sensitive manner.
  3. Information, advice and arranging sessions for Deaf ME people to find out more about their own cultures and beliefs.
  • Ishara staff has both female and male staff to suit any gender specific requests. The Project also has the following languages available; British Sign Language, English, Urdu, Punjab as well as gesturing for Deaf ME service users where BSL is not their first language. The project also works with interpreters to engage in other languages.
  • The project has provides a confidential service and members understand and respect different beliefs and cultures. 

For any information or feedback, please contact either of the Project staff as follows:
Tasnim Sharif -Ishara Project Officer
Text phone: 0141 4202171
Tel: 18002 0141 4202171
SMS: 07749311524 (text message only)


Maryam Imran - Ishara Project Officer
Tel: 0141 4202819
Email: Ishara@deafconnections.co.uk 

Ishara is a Project setup and part of Deaf Connections.

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