Sunday, 7 April 2013

Ishara Training Opportunities

Ishara currently provides flexible training opportunities for communities and agencies to learn more about deaf ME people. For agencies we have our training about the deaf ME communities and how your service or community group can better support them in Scotland. We also have a specific Asian Cultures training in partnership with the Asian Deaf Club to help understand more bout the South Asian Cultures. This training is mainly aimed at deaf clubs and community groups around Scotland but can be available on request to other agencies. For more information, see our marketing flyers below.

All our training options will now have flexible opportunities, tailored to you agency or group's needs. We can deliver sessions directly to agencies and groups from a 1 hour slot or a half day session. We can simply fit into a staff meeting or conference workshop. Additionally Ishara will be offering the online training option to access our learning from wherever you are in Scotland.

If your agency or community group is interested in taking this opportunity, please contact as at .

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